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20 Content Marketing Habits To Apply In 2020

Content marketing is a priority for many marketers, however, producing high quality marketing content day after day can be a struggle.

Content marketing is a priority for many marketers, however, producing high quality marketing content day after day can be a struggle. Fortunately, there are a number of habits that can help you master the art of content creation. Check out our 20 habits below to make 2020 your most successful year yet! ​

1. Do it for your customers

The purpose of publishing content is to give your customers and your audience something valuable to read. Whether it’s to entertain, inform or persuade - ensure your piece is written for the customer and is something they will enjoy reading and take value from.

2. Jot down ideas along the way

See something you admire? Or something you could adapt to your strategy? Make a note of it, bookmark it or save it online. Come back to it if you’re ever in need of ideas and inspiration.

3. Post regularly

Hold yourself accountable by publishing at least one piece of content each week. The more you publish, the more you’ll get a feel for what content people enjoy and engage with.

4. Add some personality

Separate your content from the masses (there’s a lot out there) by adding your own personality to it. Incorporate your own analogies and stories where applicable, we bet many of your readers will relate to them.

​5. Prepare case studies

Case studies provide your audience with credible examples of work you’ve done with other clients (with their permission of course). They’re also a good opportunity to reflect on how your business is meeting the needs of your clients.

6. Read popular marketing blogs

Reading popular marketing blogs gives you insight into the latest trends and what market leaders are finding interesting or relevant at the time. Hubspot’s
blog is a great source of information and that’s just scraping the surface of what’s available.  

7. Collaborate

Working with someone else allows you to play ideas off each other and there’s also the opportunity your content will get in front of a wider audience as well (If you’d like someone else to be us then flick us an email and you might just feature in our next blog).

8. Try something new

Sticking to what is tried and tested is safe, however, the best performing content is that which offers something new. Don’t be afraid to experiment and test new ideas as part of your strategy.

9. Engage with others

It’s hard to expect people to engage with you if you’re not engaging yourself. Let yourself be known and share your thoughts on pieces you resonate with.  

10. Reflect on your results

Knowing what’s performing well (and what isn’t) is powerful information. Regularly check your analytics and apply what you find to future work.

11. Rummage the archives

No need to reinvent the wheel. Look back at the content you’ve published over the past few years. Is there something from the past you can update and republish? Very likely, as the digital marketing spaces change a lot each year. You can also take content published in one form, say a blog, and use it to create pieces in other formats such as Instagram Stories or an infographic.

12. Proof your work

Read over what you’ve typed. Fix that typo and tidy up any sentences that don’t flow well. Reality is we all make mistakes but we all can find the time to make sure they don't make it to the final edit.

13. Check out your competitors

Tracking the content strategies of your competitors is a great way to see how your content is placed within your industry. Simply googling your competitors and checking out their blogs or social media can provide you with decent insights,  
Google Alerts is a great tool for tracking mentions of your competitors online.  

14. Invest in visual assets

Visual content is significantly more engaging on all platforms than pieces of text. Try using photos and video and creating infographics and data visualisations to communicate your value and explain concepts to your audience.

15. Share reviews

Reviews are like the digital word of mouth and are a great way to build trust amongst your audience (assuming your reviews are positive of course)

16. Know your story

Know the story behind your business and communicating it consistently helps create a more emotional connection between your business and your customers. Ensure all content you publish is consistent with this story.

17. Send email newsletters

Email newsletters are a great way to reach and engage users on an existing database. Inform users on business updates and offer them special insights and incentives to help them feel valued.

18. Cross promote you content

Cross promoting your content across different channels and across the profiles of any partners helps grow your following and creates a bigger conversation around your business.

​19. Use data and facts

People love statistics and information that backs up what you claim to be true. This also boosts your transparency and credibility among your audience.

20. Check in on your habits

It can be hard to apply these habits on top of an already heavy workload. Try a few at a time and see what works best for you. They don’t exist in isolation and many, if not all, will compliment each other.

​Have a great content creation habit not on our list? We’d love to hear about it!

Still need a hand with your content creation or would like a second opinion on your strategy? - we’re always happy to

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