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4 reasons why your business needs a digital marketing strategy!

​Whatever your knowledge of digital marketing is, you’ve likely taken part in some sort of digital marketing and almost certainly made a purchase because of a digital marketing campaign.

Whatever your knowledge of digital marketing is, you’ve likely taken part in some sort of digital marketing and almost certainly made a purchase because of a digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing gives any business the chance to build awareness and attract new customers at scale with a manageable and flexible budget.

#1 Build awareness and appear in searches ​

Having an active social media presence is essentially free has too many advantages to name them all (most businesses have a page created already however, many haven’t touched it in years). The majority of internet users are spending time on social media and discovering and engaging with businesses while they’re there. Social media is one of the most popular activities on the internet and 97% of marketers are already using social media to reach their audiences (Hubspot, 2019). Set yourself up with profiles and use them to share content with your audience. Key platforms to consider are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Google My Business is also critical for when people search you - keep it updated. ​

#2 Your competitors are (or thinking about it too - beat them to it!)

No matter your industry or market it is guaranteed a few or more of your competitors have a digital marketing strategy in place. Each time a user searches for a product or service and one these proactive businesses show up instead of yours, you’ve missed an opportunity for a new customer. This is happening every minute of everyday and it can be hard to compare yourself to a market leader with a large following but this is where the opportunity lies - with the right strategy and tools you have the same abilities they do on social media. Keep in mind, they would have also started from nothing many years ago. ​

#3 Drive traffic to your website

Having a website is now an essential of doing business even if its only purpose is to serve as an information and contact hub for physical stores. A lot of businesses spend money on getting their website right but many tend to ignore the need to get people actually visiting the site. A large part of digital marketing is driving people from various sources (social media, emails, Google Search) to your website so they learn more about you and complete a conversion (lead sign up, contact form or purchase) which has explicit value to your business. ​

#4 Advertise! ​

Digital marketing presents numerous to advertise to audiences across the internet, and unlike traditional methods (TV, radio and print) they allow a greater flexibility of cost, distribution and targeting. Digital marketing is advertising where people are spending their time - on the internet!  Although it is possible to start advertising without a solid strategy in place, the best results will come from a plan and goal for where you’re spending your money and what ad format you should use. It’s best to build an organic following first to get to know your audience and what content they resonate with. ​

It can easily become overwhelming deciding which digital marketing strategies to implement and where to start but it doesn’t have to be. Simple things such as making sure your social media pages are up to date and posting from a little as once a month with updates, promotions or other news. These simple steps are free and are a great start to digital marketing success. From there it’s easy to explore more options that align with your business goals and advertising options can start from as little as $1 per day.

If you would like to see your business grow with digital marketing we’d love to

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