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5 Affordable Ways to Give Your Products a Special Touch with Branded Packaging

There's something special about packaging.

There's something special about packaging. Whether it’s a cutely wrapped package from your favourite Etsy maker, tied with butcher’s string and sealed with a logo sticker, or a custom made box or plain recycled kraft envelope with a specialist print finish. Packaging is pretty much gift wrapping. It’s taking your product and making it feel special.

Whenever I’m looking at Pinterest at how brands use packaging, I always feel inspired by not only the look and feel, but the creativity that exists out there in the world. So I thought I’d share a few easy and affordable ways for you to create a brand experience with packaging to take your branding to new heights and really create a solid and well rounded brand identity.



Stickers are a great, affordable option for small business owners as they give you flexibility in how and where you use your branding. You can stick them to a brown paper bag, or on a jar, box or package - pretty much anywhere, to instantly showcase your brand. There are a wide range of super affordable sticker printing options out there (I’m looking at you, Vistaprint), but if you’re looking for something a little more special, head over to They have great specials all the time so sign up for their email list if you are in the market for getting some printed collateral made up for your brand.

Image:  No Issue  +  Madame Fancy Pants
Image: No Issue + Madame Fancy Pants


If you run a retail business in store or online, having some custom branded tissue paper to wrap your goodies in is a great and affordable way to really get your brand out there. Printed tissue makes your packages look and feel a bit luxe while not breaking the bank. Plus your customers will probably tag you in their Instagram posts or stories showing off their purchases. Go and check out No Issue’s amazing website full of inspiration.

Image:  Parse & Parcel
Image: Parse & Parcel

Washi Tape

Being able to secure your packages, or bags or just use as a general purpose washi tape - having custom tape is a little cherry on top when it comes to your branding. It’s a minimal but effective way to get your branding noticed. Plus you can buy in bulk at super cheap prices. I couldn’t find a custom washi business in NZ but came across this one which looks quite good.

Image:  The Box Business
Image: The Box Business


As a designer, I had often been asked by clients to find a box company that could create simple, but custom printed boxes and always ended up not going with the options due to the massive cost. If you are looking for simple Kraft or White boxes or want something a little more custom, then check out The Box Business, who offer a huge range of customisable boxes for all kinds of purposes.

Image:  Sarah Neuburger  (I love her stamps so go and check out her work)
Image: Sarah Neuburger (I love her stamps so go and check out her work)


And Finally, if you are looking for a handmade feel or wanting to be a little more environmentally conscious with your branding, a reusable rubber stamp is a great option. Any piece of paper can become your business card, or any piece of packaging for that matter. Stamps are a nice touch, especially too if your logo has bold shapes and fonts. There are a number of places to get stamps made in NZ so shop around and see what kind of stamps are available. A good place to start is Stamp City.

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