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6 (often overlooked) customer touch points worth your attention

Yup, there’s no denying your website is a key marketing tool. But what about your other customer touch points?

Yup, there’s no denying your website is a key marketing tool. But what about your other customer touch points?

You know, alllll those other places people interact with your brand before, during or after purchase? These moments combine to create the customer journey.

Whether it’s a Facebook post, a magazine article, a radio ad or a face-to-face conversation, every time a potential customer comes into contact with your brand is a chance for you to surprise and delight them.

And we all know customer satisfaction is the key to more sales, better word of mouth and a more loyal fan base, right?

Here are 6 (often overlooked) customer touch points BURSTING with potential…

⚡️Business cards

Meeting a potential client? Attending a networking event? Generally living your best life out in the real world?

Make sure your wallet has a stack of business cards at all times, because first impressions count!

If you’ve got an awesome tagline, your business card is the perfect place to show it off. This is also where great copy + great design go hand in hand - it’s worth investing in a professional designer to give your brand a polished visual identity.

When creating my cards, my designer (and good pal) encouraged me to invest in foiling on the front, back and sides. It cost a little extra, but the ‘wow, these are so cool!’ response I still get from people more than 2 years down the track means it was totally worth it.


It’s one thing for you to say you’re great at what you do – the real trust comes when real people back up your claims.

Needless to say, social proof is GOLDEN.

Testimonials show potential clients that your brand is credible and reliable. They’re a powerful persuasion tool, so take the time to collect feedback from past customers and share it strategically on your website, social media pages and proposal documents.

⚡️Out of office replies

Newsflash – these don’t have to be boring! Instead of ‘Thanks for your email, I’m out of the office, kind regards blah blah’, try something a little more personal.

On holiday in France? Say ‘bonjour’ and that you’ll get back to them after you’ve finished eating your way through Pairs.

At a wedding? Tell them you’re celebrating a special family occasion and won’t have phone reception (they’ll respect the fact you’re switching off to spend quality time with loved ones).

Your message doesn’t have to be long – but if you can make someone feel a human connection with you, they’re more likely to look forward to your reply… and more likely to do business with you.

Don’t be afraid to stray from ‘kind regards’ or ‘yours sincerely,’ either. Its 2020, friend! Be playful and fun if that’s your thing, but make sure it’s authentic and consistent. Always stay true to your brand personality and voice.

Ps - if you’re looking for some ‘sign off inspo’, make sure you’re on my mailing list. I try to use a different one every time.

⚡️404 error page

Don’t forget to personalise your error page!

This humble piece of copy has the potential to redirect potential customers to other parts of your website, while letting your brand voice shine and positioning you as a helpful and caring guide.

Keep an eye on the blog for tips on how to write a killer 404 page… I hear there’s one coming soon ;)

⚡️ Email updates

Whether you’re advising a product has been shipped or asking for feedback, email updates offer a great opportunity to engage with your customers on a deeper level.

Think about the reason for the email, and the way your customer is feeling at this time. Their emotional state should guide your content and your tone of voice.

For example, if you’re emailing to advise a product is on its way, your tone should be positive to reassure them they’ve made a good choice. You can inject a bit of fun and personality.

On the other hand, if a product is out of stock, you don’t want to crack a joke as your customer might be feeling confused or frustrated. Instead, you should offer some helpful information about when it’s next available and the steps they need to take from there.

⚡️Thank you cards

We all know the cost of acquiring new customers is much higher than keeping the ones you’ve got, so don’t forget your manners! A heartfelt message goes a long way.

Whether it’s a handwritten note, an email message with a discount code for next time or a celebratory bottle of bubbles, if you continue showing your customers love after they’ve parted with their cash, they’ll continue to love you right back (and tell their mates!).


I hope these quick tips help you identify the customer touch points in your business that could use a little extra TLC.

If you need a hand keeping on top of them all, you know where to find me!  

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