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A Few Thoughts on Marketing

The last year or so, the idea of having a brand and not just a business has become a very common thing to hear.

The last year or so, the idea of having a brand and not just a business has become a very common thing to hear. Everywhere you look, there are podcasts talking about how YOU can redefine what it means to be an entrepreneur and how sharing your “authentic” self will help you build a connection and create “true fans” who will buy all your products and/or services.

Honestly, when I listen to certain podcasts (mac and cheese lover - if you know you know) I kind of get this anxious feeling. Where I feel like I am listening to tips on how to subtly manipulate people into connecting with me and my brand. That constant repetition to grow my email list, host a webinar, sell a course and all that stuff.  It has been really starting to just make me feel like I need to be super strategic and calculating when it comes to my offer. I mean, the world of designing brand identities is a very crowded one, and it often feels like I’m in a room where a whole lot of people are shouting the same stuff all at once.

Recently in my search for business podcasts that don’t make me feel gross,  I came across the  Grow with Soul Podcast by Kayte Ferris where I listened to an episode titled “Over-saturation, Vulnerability and the Marketing that’s stopped working”. Even though the overall point was to invite the listener to an online marketing workshop, I didn’t feel manipulated. I didn’t feel like I had to rush over and buy my spot in the webinar. I felt genuinely interested and thought a lot about the points that were mentioned in the podcast.  

It can be so easy to get caught up in the world of online marketing. Looking at how your Instagram following isn’t growing, or that work you may be really proud of isn’t reaching anyone. Or even seeing something really similar to your own work which makes you doubt yourself.  

I’m a firm believer that in this saturated space, there is room for every single one of us. I really do believe that everyone is different and can bring their own special something to the table. However, to do this, I feel like you have to ignore everyone else that does what you do. Even if it’s just for a while. As Kayte says in the episode I listened to - “Hold onto your uniqueness.” When you feel as though you are just in that sea of shouting, put on the blinders and just be you.

Yes we all need to sell our services or products to make a living. But that doesn’t mean things need to feel “fake authentic” if you know what I mean. Just telling your truth, sharing your knowledge and your skills in your own way will never make you feel gross.

Let me know on Instagram if there is someone you follow, or a podcast or blog or the like that you really vibe with. I love discovering new people who are on that slow marketing vibe :)

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