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Over the summer I have been super inspired by beauty photography

Over the summer I have been super inspired by beauty photography, so this morning after having a walk around the garden in my dressing gown, I thought I’d do an impromptu shoot on the deck using some leaves from the garden, some crystals and 4 of my must have / most loved bath and beauty products.

Only Good - Coconut & Shea Butter Natural Hand Wash.

When it comes to packaging, I love to see some gold on there, so I’ve been a fan of Only Good’s branding for quite a while. But when I saw this beautiful collaboration with Flox, I had to get one for myself. The soap smells amazing, and the nature inspired packaging illustration makes my bathroom  feel bright and vibrant.


Antipodes - Immortal SPF 15 Skin Brightening Face & Body Moisturiser

I have been using this on my face for the last two years and can honestly say I love it. It took a while for my skin to get used to it but once it did, my face felt a lot less dry without being greasy. I don’t use this as a body moisturiser though as the tube is too small for that. I love the simplicity of the Antipodes branding on their moisturisers and love the A in their logo, like the tendril of a plant.


Linden Leaves -  Crystal Crush Bath Bombs - Amethyst

I’m not usually the hugest fan of Lavender in big doses but these bath bombs smell AMAZING. There are 4 in a tube so you get 4 baths out of this. I love the round tube with the amethyst and silver. This is some beautiful packaging! There is a rose quartz one too, so check it out here. I have been leaving the lid off in my studio so the scent fills the room. It’s my favourite bath bomb of the moment and that is saying something!


De Lorenzo - Absorb Dry Shampoo

If you have bleached hair, dry shampoo can be the best thing ever for greasy roots, but can also be super drying. My hair dresser told me I would love the De Lorenzo Absorb range, and she wasn’t wrong. It’s super light and absorbent but doesn’t build up the same way as stuff like Batiste can do. The packaging is super cute - a  simple combination of baby pink and clean type.

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