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Designers Aren't Expensive

There’s a rumour going around and it’s time to set the record straight: designers aren’t expensive.

There’s a rumour going around and it’s time to set the record straight: designers aren’t expensive. Let me give you a quick run down as to why your designer’s quote makes complete sense.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Strategic Management plus a Diploma in Web and Graphic Design, comes knowledge and skill which adds value to my work. Time and effort aside, these qualifications come at a price tag of $50,000.

So, just like your accountant or lawyer, most graphic designers provide a professional service using a set of technical skills and are backed by one (or more) tertiary-level qualifications.


“We’re a new business, so we’ve got a really low budget.”

I get it! Getting a brand or website designed isn’t exactly cheap – especially for start-ups. But, like all businesses, freelance designers have costs, which play their part in our pricing.

To give you an inside look of what is included in the cost, on top of the usual rent and taxes, one of the major factors that bring the quotes up is the software being used. Graphic design involves the collaboration of different Adobe Suite software that bring your dream concept to life. Not to mention, my laptop is worth more than my husband’s car (sorry babe).

Think about it this way: for others to start investing in you, you first have to invest in your business. And getting your brand designed and portrayed in a way that appeals to your audience (and of course, you) is a profit in the works.


The design process isn’t simple. It involves meeting the client, establishing a design brief, and researching the client’s company and their competitors, and what appeals to their target audience. From here, we brainstorm ideas, generate concepts, create mood boards, sketch initial logo designs, show them to the client, get feedback, complete revisions, and finalise the logo. Once approved, we export the files to the appropriate file formats.

At Sketch, we typically spend 10+ hours on a brand design, so it’s only fair that this is reflected in our price. Why don’t you skip a step or two, you say? My simple answer is, no.

Design is not a one-size fits all. Quality graphic design not only brings you the professional look you want, but also brings you the profit you need. In the words of Dr. Ralf Speth, CEO of Jaguar:

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

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