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GETTING SOCIAL WITH BUSINESS | Nicky Felton | Play Creative

This is a brand new blog series to Neat Social.

This is a brand new blog series to Neat Social. We’re interviewing some of our favourite Kiwi business owners to find out how they use Social Media for their business and what got them started and passionate about it in the first place. We hope you can gather some tips and tricks from these amazing humans and their real-life experiences in business on and offline.

Can you tell us a little bit about your business and who you are?

Howdy, I’m Nicky - co-founder of Play Creative. We are a videography company who bring our clients stories to life by crafting them into video form. We’re all about organic and cinematic content that tells not only what a company does, but also why they’re passionate, how they started, and where they’re headed.

We’re a company of four - there’s my fiance (ooh la la) Dan, who is our chief cameraman, editor, and techy guru. Isaac is our editor extraordinaire, and then there’s Archie (our dog), who is Chief Morale Booster. My role is all things clients, communications, coordination, and ideas.

We’re based in the Waikato, and work out of our little home office that’s just a touch too close to the kitchen and ALL the snacks - that’s us!

How important do you think Social Media is for business and why?

I think businesses should see social media as a huge opportunity. They have the chance to really connect with their audience in a real and honest way, have regular communication with them, and deliver real-time information as it happens - it’s free to participate and it really is easier than it ever has been before. It is putting ‘marketing’ back into the businesses hands, where traditionally their success was dependant on traditional media, agencies, and big ad-budgets.

Social media allows businesses to connect with clients, future clients, and fellow businesses/suppliers in a raw and honest way, really showing their personality. I think this is the absolute magic of social media because it builds genuine connection and brand love.

Obviously it shouldn’t be your only marketing strategy, but I believe it’s a vital part of the puzzle.

Why did you think there was a need for Play?

We found that there were a lot of people making really cinematic videos that were physically beautiful, but that lacked depth and substance. Videographers were showing the ‘what’ of their clients, featuring their products or services but at a really shallow level, and never digging deeper into the story of the company. The story is where people fall in love with a company, and form an emotive connection with their brand, and those stories just weren’t being told through video.

What's your favourite part about owning Play Creative?

We get to meet so many amazing people, and learn so many crazy and different things! Often we will find ourselves in super random situations, seeing the behind the scenes of industries that we never thought we would, and we just froth on that. It’s a pretty special thing to be invited into someone's business and life, and to have discussions with them about what they’ve dedicated their waking hours to, and what they’re passionate about in life.

What do you find is the best way to attract people to your Social Media?

People LOVE seeing photos of us doing our thing. Consistently our best posts are the ones that show our personality and our faces. It’s quite special when you think about it, because it means people are really invested in our story and our success, and I love that.

The biggest challenge to date being in business?

Scaling has been an ongoing challenge for us, and one we still struggle with. We’ve built our business on a model that’s based on a really customised service and end product, so the process can’t be standardised or re-created faster. This means our main obstacle from growth is our own time. We’ve spend a very long time trying to find other video editors who share the same passion, standard of work, and attention to detail as we do - we’ve finally found one amazing human, but would love to find about 9 more ;)

Dan and Nicky with their horses - Cornege Photography
Dan and Nicky with their horses - Cornege Photography

The scariest thing you've had to do within business?

Stand up for ourselves. There have been a bunch of situations where we’ve had to stand up for ourselves, protecting our work from being copied or stolen, or standing up to bully clients (tough to say but they’re out there) and I find that the hardest.

Also saying no to business is still incredibly tough. Saying no to a potentially really lucrative project because it doesn’t fit our values, or the turnaround is too tight for us to possibly remain sane and complete the project on time, is really tough. People always say “It’s great your in a position to be able to do that”, which it really is, but it doesn’t make turning away perfectly good $ any easier!

What's your number one secret to success on Social Media?

Share stories using detail and emotion to really connect on a deep level with our audience. Being raw, honest, and letting our brand personality really shine!


How do you convert your Social Media usage into clients?

I guess because our product is one that is at quite a high price point, our goal isn’t to ‘sell’ on social media, it’s more to build a connection with our audience, to ‘warm our audience up’, and to showcase examples of our work. We’re very lucky in that the work we create is also our ‘marketing’, a lot of our clients are kind enough to tag us when they share the videos we’ve created for them, so that goes a huge way to attracting new potential clients to us through word of mouth.

We have two types of clients that contact us after seeing our social media:

  1. Clients who have seen work we’ve done from someone else, and head to our social media to check us out.

These clients will generally get in touch straight away as they know what they’re looking for, and want to progress forward.

  1. Clients who know they want a video but it’s not quite the right timing yet, so they follow us on social media until the time is right. These clients are the ones that we’re building more of a relationship with long term on our social media, knowing that when they do need a video, we will be first on their list of people to go to.

In short for us it’s not about the immediate conversion, it’s more about long term relationship building, and staying relevant.

If you could help business owners out there with their social media, what’s one piece of advice you'd give to help them?

Four things (because I couldn’t do just one):

  1. Show your personality and be real, because that’s what builds connection!
  2. Understand your audience really well - this info will allow you to understand their problems, behaviours, language, and habits which will allow you to adjust your communication so you really connect with them on their level.
  3. Focus on two-way conversations - A lot of businesses use social media just to put information OUT, not replying to comments or looking to start conversations. The real connection and brand love happens when you give your audience a chance to have memorable interactions with a brand or business. Reply to their comments, ask for your audiences opinions, and engage them in your business.
  4. Post regularly - that bloody algorithm really kicks in when you haven’t been posting for a while, so the key is to make sure you’ve got some content going out relatively regularly. Keep it up, you’ve got this!

Thanks for reading! You can check out some of the incredible work Play Creative does here be sure to follow along with their journey on Social Media too.

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