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Known as the “professional social networking site” LinkedIn has over 660 million users (LinkedIn, 2020) and is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and driving valuable audience engagement.

Known as the “professional social networking site” LinkedIn has over 660 million users (LinkedIn, 2020) and is the most effective social media platform for delivering content and driving valuable audience engagement.

If you’re in the professional service or B2B market then this is the one platform you want to be putting energy into!
40% of members access it daily and a recent study from HubSpot of over 5,000 businesses, LinkedIn generated the highest lead conversion rate of 2.74%, 277% percent higher than Facebook and Twitter.

It’s where the professionals are!

LinkedIn is a great platform for making and maintaining professional relationships and consistently performs the best for B2B lead generation. Referrals are one of the greatest ways to get new customers and LinkedIn provides a network to enable them in a digital space. There are endless opportunities to share content and engage with influencers in your industry.  

LinkedIn can be a highly engaging platform when used right. Tag connections and employees in posts where appropriate to grow your network and share your knowledge. Hashtags can also be used to join discussions around particular topics and events and improves discoverability across the platform.  

Leverage personal connections

Create a personal profile for yourself (if you don’t already have one) and connect with colleagues and people of interest in your industry. This is the platform for adding people you’ve met at conferences and networking events when Facebook is too personal (and a little invasive). Be sure to engage with other people’s content - there are hundreds of people sharing their opinions, expertise and stories - keep the conversation going! LinkedIn offers an integrated blogging tool which allows you to share your personal stories and insights within the channel.

Using your personal profile allows you to network not only through your immediate connections but also the potential network of every connection you’ve made. Very quickly you’ll see impressive insights into your industry at both a local and global level.

Add regular business updates

​Set up a company page (if you haven’t already) and fill in your business profile and descriptions with the core values and services your business offers. Link your LinkedIn profile to your website and include keywords in your profile to enhance search-ability.

As LinkedIn is a more professional network, people are more likely to open and engage with content that they perceive as being valuable and educational. Share actionable content oriented to the B2B audience, LinkedIn is unique in the fact that you can edit the image and hardline previews of links which can help tailor your blogs and webpages to your audience.

Encourage your employees to follow and engage with your page as well as adding their position at your company to their profile. Your employees are your biggest advocates with around
10x more connections than your business has followers.  

Missed opportunities we see too often

We end up seeing too many company profiles with no posts at all which is a potential dead end for potential customers. A simple link to a website or recent blog can be the difference between a quick glance at a business on LinkedIn and a member reading something insightful, developing awareness of your brand.

Small things such as uploading a cover photo shows effort and is a great way to highlight a key message or benefit of your business. Although a LinkedIn profile can be an effective extension of your CV, if you’re not looking for a new role then you can easily use the description of your position as a place to talk about the value you bring to your role in the business and how this is attractive to potential clients, rather than a list of responsibilities and skills.  

It’s a growing platform

LinkedIn is on track to keep growing, with Microsoft
reporting record levels of engagement’ as it grows its user base across the globe. With the regular introductions of new features, LinkedIn is proving itself to be an essential tool for all modern marketers.

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