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Creating professional quality images for your business is so important.

Creating professional quality images for your business is so important.  Your photos represent your brand and cutting corners on ‘not so great’ imagery for your website will cheapen your brand.  You want to make a great first impression, so make yourself stand out by looking good!  Below are a few tips for bringing your images to life online.


Decide what kind of vibe you want your brand to ooze. Is it earthy, modern, colourful, professional, etc?  Then research other images for inspiration.  Pinterest is so inspiring so get searching and pinning to a board.  After a good pinning session, you will really be able to see what you are visually attracted to and what direction you want your brand to take.

What do you need

Work out what equipment you need for the shoot.  Cameras, lighting/natural light/soft lighting, props, backgrounds, the products to be shot.  And of course a list of everything you need to shoot.

Location and lighting

When it comes to location, I like to find a space that is nice and bright but out of direct sunlight.  You don’t want shadows!  

If you are selling products, a lightbox may be what you need.  However, putting your creative touch on your images by creating flat lays or shooting on angles with gorgeous backgrounds can really bring personality to your brand.  Putting together a pretty composition and ensuring you have consistency with the background and a matching colour palette throughout all the images will give your brand cohesiveness and a gorgeous identity.

You can shoot your product front and centre, but also have a play around with shooting using the rule of thirds or using negative space.  Showcasing your product in focus with a blurred background can really look creative and draw your eye to the product too.

Check and double-check your lighting, exposure and focus!  There is nothing worse than out of focus products or dark images.  If you are shooting with a smartphone (or camera for that matter), sometimes images can come out a bit dark.  It’s so easy to lighten images in post-production but shooting in good light in the first place really saves time in post and generally looks better in the long run.


There are so many programs available now to edit your images.  Personally I prefer Lightroom.  I always like to check the exposure and contrast and ensure I’m happy with the lightness and brightness of the image.  There are also so many Presets available to download online that can bring a consistency and a cohesive colour palette to suit your branding.  Just bear in mind that some of these Presets can strip the resolution from your images so if applying a Present, keep an eye on the back-end settings ie: Effects / Detail, etc as you might find the sharpening or clarity has been reduced.  You can easily fix this and re-save your favourite Preset to how you like it.  

Get posting!

Once you are happy with your images its time to upload them to your website.  Make sure you use these images and more across your socials too, that way your brand’s vibe and identity can flow through and you can bring yourself an online presence that looks both cohesive, professional and oh so dam good!

Happy shooting!  And if photography just isn’t your thing, drop me a line as I would love to help!

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