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In Good Company - Cheyney McDonnell - Design, Process & Gut-feel

What makes good design?

What makes good design?

So many things and according to Cheyney McDonnell of having a process when working with clients can help bring a vision to life and thus position the project with greater probability into the realm of good design.

Cheyney also shares her story about how she got to this point in her career and the importance of listening to your gut and how she navigated the response to change from those closest to her.

In this episode we also talk about how to work with clients that don't vibe with us and how to protect the very thing that clients pay good money for: creative energy.

Cheyney drops some real seeds of wisdom that will leave you the listener revisiting the lessons again and again as they are timeless - well, in our opinion of course.

Cheyney is also (at the time of publishing 'soon-to-be') a published author - the children's book is in the links listed below and on that note...

To support and enhance your listening experience please feel free to follow/find Cheyney at the following platforms:

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Thanks for listening and for your good company


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