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My Design Process Part 3: Concepts, Budget and Planning

What has started as a simple and straightforward branding exercise has morphed into something a bit bigger than I originally thought it would be. I mean, I’m still doing what I was going to do in terms of the look and feel and the over arching goals of having branded content for web and print. But I have also expanded the concept to create a style guide for myself as a person. It will include all my logo, font, colour, design stuff for the Visual Identity, but is also going to incorporate other elements such as clothing, belongings, music and video.

Because of this, I have been spending a bit more time planning and really trying to get everything out into my visual diary so I can figure out exactly what I am doing.


After coming up with a few ideas for some branding concepts, I started to flesh them out a bit and ask more questions. Sometimes when you start off with an idea, you get a little trapped by that idea. It can sometimes stop you from thinking bigger. One thing I learnt from when I worked at an agency was that you should always try to take your idea bigger.

My branding project takes inspiration from my own style and how I present myself to the world on a daily basis. For my logo, I will use a single letter R which will change colour or texture based on where it is used. Just as I get up and get dressed every day, the letter R will appear in different “clothes” eg colours, prints, textures/metallics. All the colours and textures will be based on clothing from my own wardrobe which I will photograph to use with the branding.

There’s a bit more to plan out for this but I’m getting there. And for those of you reading this and being like “umm whatttt?” it’ll become clearer once I start showing the visuals I am working on :)



As a small business owner it’s not always easy to have a budget for branding. But you really don’t need to break the bank. When planning out what you are wanting for your branding, you need to think about what you can afford.

Whenever I am starting on a project like this, I always ask my client what their budget is. This means that whatever ideas I have will help the client to stay within their budget and use it effectively. And same for if you are working on any kind of project for your own business. Don’t get super dreamy right at the start and then feel disappointed once you start investigating the costs. Now, I’m not saying you have to spend heaps of money,  but you should spend on something that’s going to make your branding feel special. Whether it’s on hiring a web designer to craft your website, or a photographer to take beautiful product photos for you, or getting some nice gold foiled promotional postcards made featuring your products or services. With a bit of number crunching and planning, you will be able to get a lot of value from investing a little bit of money into your branding experience.

My Budget

For my branding project, I am wanting to create a few different elements for print and have special finishes. This is going to cost the most out of all the bits I would ideally want to have. After creating a list of what I want, I then start researching into places I could go to discuss my project and get some advice.

For my project I am also going to need to invest in a photographer to help with a big part of it. I’m also probably going to have to pay for web hosting and have a bit of money aside for other bits and pieces. Ideally, I would have a maximum budget of $1000.

Now, I don’t have this right now so I have decided to create the project a month at a time, spreading the cost over 6 months. That works out to around $166 a month in order to make sure I get all the special bits I am wanting to get created.


Over the next week I will be working more on my logo design, which I will probably be sharing progress-wise on my Instagram stories over the next couple of weeks. I’m going to be emailing printers, and making some mock ups of the booklet and postcard elements along with researching pricing for gold foil and also scratch and sniff ink haha. Novel, I know but it’s something I have wanted to use in a print project for ages!

Branding your own business is a big undertaking, so I’m glad I have put a 6 month project timeline in place. This will mean I won’t get stressed and can just get everything done in small chunks. Wish me luck :)

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