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Running a Successful Competition on Facebook and Instagram

It recently came to our attention that Facebook and Instagram have quite strict rules around their terms and conditions for competitions.

It recently came to our attention that Facebook and Instagram have quite strict rules around their terms and conditions for competitions. They are constantly changing their T’s and C’s and it’s our job as social media managers to stay in the know and keep you up to date with what’s happening.

In this blog, we cover the competition rules that might surprise you as well as go over some tips and tricks on how to run a successful competition on social media.

Facebook T’s and C’s

We have all gotten used to running a competition on Facebook where someone has to “like and share” the post or they have to “tag someone and share the post” to win. With Facebook’s T’s and C’s this is now a big no! If you ask your audience to tag someone or to share the post on their page, Facebook can not only ban your business Facebook page indefinitely, but they will delete the personal pages of the people who are admin on the page. Yikes!

The other crucial condition is that you need to put the following into the fine print of your promotional post:

“This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered of associated with Facebook”.

To read the full list of T’s and C’s, click here.

Instagram T’s and C’s

Instagram is very similar to Facebook’s T’s and C’s, however is a little bit more flexible. The most important exception to not is that Instagram doesn’t forbid the use of tagging or sharing as an entry method.

To read the full list of T’s and C’s, click here.

Top tips for running a successful competition:

1. Create a mini- strategy for your competition before you start.

What is the purpose for the competition? Is it to gain more followers, drive people to your website, increase revenue in your business? Think about; what you call to action is going to be, how you are going to engage people to enter your competition and where you are going to cross- promote it.

2. Promote it everywhere you can!

So often we see people run a competition on their Facebook page...and then it gets lost in the noise of the busy platform. When you post your competition up, LAUNCH it everywhere! Pop up a temporary Facebook cover page, pop it on your Instagram page and story, email it out to your database, put it in your email signatures with a link to enter, and put up a temporary website banner (or just have it on your homepage temporarily).

3. Drive the engagement around your competition

If people get excited about your competition, it means you're onto a winner! (hehe excuse the pun). Log into your page daily and like, comment, thank and engage with your followers who are getting in behind your competition.

4. Announce the winner properly

Before you publicly announce the winner of the prize, you must contact them privately and make sure that they accept the prize. Once accepted, tell everyone! Have an exciting post to the page announcing the winner, and again, post it across your other social media platforms.

5. Finally….. Use the competition as a sales funnel to gain new customers

Once you have announced the winner, go back to everyone who entered the competition properly and thank them for entering. If you are able to, offer them a mini-prize such as 10% off their next purchase or buy 1 get 1 free next time they come in! Not only will you leverage off having new customers….but they will be sure to enter your next competition!

Good luck! If you ever need help, feel free to get in touch with us on

Rachel & Sarah-Jane x

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