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Social Media is about to get even more important.

You’re probably feeling like the rest of us, wondering what your next move should be for your business - we’re in that boat too! But we do know some things for sure and we thought it was worth sharing with you all.

You’re probably feeling like the rest of us, wondering what your next move should be for your business - we’re in that boat too! But we do know some things for sure and we thought it was worth sharing with you all.

Cash flow is tight for most businesses at the moment but we’re determined to inspire and help people at this time with free advice and help small and large businesses keep their Social Media presence high during this time. We’re experts at this. There is loads of noise on Social Media at the moment with advice from all sorts of people so it’s important that if you’re out there collecting information or investing in someone to help you, they truly know what they’re doing.

Right, lets get into it. Social Media is currently experiencing high volumes of people online with an increase in people at home with time on their hands, this isn’t to say it’s time to sell to people but a great time to stay relevant and get a little more personal with your following. People want to get to know you, the person behind the product or service. During these times it’s important not to drop off the radar because it will be incredibly hard to get back in front of people once this Pandemic tails off and businesses will be focusing hard on social media marketing to bring in customers. The easiest way to make sure you keep your followers interested is to stay present through this. Below are some ideas and examples we can do this.

  1. Share some instructions on how people can create something at home using some help from your business. Example: Restaurant

While your shop may be shut, this is a great time to connect with your local supporters online through Social Media. It’s no secret Instagram stories have blown up in the last few weeks especially with people sharing what they’re doing around the home, so why not work this into something you can give back to your customer base. Video a simple meal you’re cooking at home one night perhaps and share a couple of tips and tricks your business always stands by for a successful cook! Or maybe share a recipe for a favourite dish at your restaurant - People will still come through and support you when this over but it helps keep the community spirit and connection alive during times like this <3 These can all be done on Instagram stories and then saved to a highlight roll for people to revisit. At the end, encourage others to share your story if they end up making it or enjoyed the tutorial.

2. People are hanging out on Social Media to keep up to date with changes regarding your business, so keep them in the loop! Example: Hair Dresser

Try not to just drop off the Social scene entirely. it’s important to keep a presence, maybe it's through showing throwback photos of work that you did prior to lock down or taking bookings for post lock down. Keep your online community engaged by keeping content relevant and making sure people are informed with what the plan is for when you re-open. We can’t always rely on websites to be updated regarding COVID - 19 but we can expect people to keep others informed through social media.

3. Pivot! (total buzz word at the moment…) Example: Heilala Vanilla

I’m using a real example here, Heilala Vanilla create delicious products with real, hand-picked vanilla. They pivoted their marketing by creating a vanilla-scented hand sanitiser that they now sell alongside their products during this pandemic. This is a great example of a company pivoting their marketing according to what the market requires at this time and then releasing these products to followers on Social Media to give them first dibs. It keeps people interacting with their page and also encourages people to look at other products on their website too.

These are just three simple ways we can change the way we do things on Social Media at the moment. Together we can unite and make sure our businesses stay safe during this time by supporting local, even leaving a comment, like or share on someone’s posts or stories - every little bit helps at the moment and encourages those who might be feeling deflated. From our team to yours, we want to do everything in our power to help businesses through this time - If you have a question about anything at all to do with your business and Social Media, please message us, we are always more than happy to help over an online cuppa, email, DM or any other way that’s not in person! <3

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