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The difference between a brand and a logo.

When starting a new venture, the terms ‘branding’, ‘logo’, or ‘style’ are likely to have popped up in conversation. It is easy to think they’re the same thing but in fact, they are all very different.
When starting a new venture, the terms ‘branding’, ‘logo’, or ‘style’ are likely to have popped up in conversation. It is easy to think they’re the same thing but in fact, they are all very different.

In this post I will set out to explain the difference between a brand and a logo and the role they play in building your brand’s identity. Furthermore, I’ll explain why investing time and money on both in the early stages is worth it.

Recently, I read a post in a Facebook group which resonated with me. It was a fellow designer reaching out to explain why it was so important to spend the time (and money) upfront when developing a logo. After constantly seeing requests for a ‘quick and cheap logo design’ she decided to take a stand and explain why she does what she does. To generalise, she explained how a client sent her a logo that ‘needed cleaning up’. It had originally been put together by someone through Fiverr and the result was a logo that:

- Didn’t have any background meaning to her business.

- Hadn’t been designed with various executions in mind such as mobile, web, and print.

- Only one style was provided (what were they going to do when going from printing on light to dark backgrounds or to fit horizontal vs landscape spaces?)

- Did not provide all the file types needed including open ones so the logo to be integrated with various collateral.

Long story short, her ‘clean up’ took 15 hours when it should have been a simple 2-hour project.

Put work into your logo, it is still very much an important aspect of any business. It is the one single item which will be incorporated into every piece of marketing created for your brand so make sure you get it right. A logo should be one that you are proud of and is unique in a way that it connects with you and your business’s identity. There are plenty of logos out there which may look pretty but it’s the story behind them that gives them meaning. In a few years from now, it is better to be facing a refresh rather than a complete rebrand because you’ve outgrown a logo that never really stuck.

To complement a logo is of course, the brand itself. What we mean by that is everything from the colour scheme, typography, attitude, style of writing, and goals. The brand and the logo must work together to cement your company’s identity in a way that is noticeable, memorable, and respected. A brand helps consumers to experience the product or service they are engaging with.

Your brand and logo are your visual identity, your ethos, your messaging, and your beliefs. It is everything that represents you. So, what does your brand and logo currently say about you?

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