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The Introduction of Creator Studio

You can now schedule all your social media posts for multiple businesses in one place thanks to Facebook’s new update… Creator Studio!

You can now schedule all your social media posts for multiple businesses in one place thanks to Facebook’s new update… Creator Studio! Cheers to being able to schedule your Instagram posts!

Creator Studio has been a major update for us, as it means we and many other businesses will no longer be utilizing paid external platforms such as Hootsuite. The introduction of Creator Studio brings about both positive and negatives for creatives and businesses alike. It is free to use and no software is needed to be downloaded, as it is all located within Facebook’s Business Manager.

Creator studio allows anyone with a business page to schedule posts across both Facebook and Instagram - whereas previously on Facebook posts could be scheduled. Now, you can schedule photos, text, videos, stories and IGTV all in one place. In addition to this, all analytics across both platforms (e.g. likes, reach etc.) can now be viewed on the same platform.

We’ve been trialling Creator Studio for about a month now, and have experienced both positives and negative aspects thus far. As is common with any new platform, there have been teething issues - (e.g. the option to create a post disappearing after the first day!) but overall we have experienced no major problems.

So first and foremost, the positives. It’s a major money saver - no longer do we have to pay external parties to schedule and post across both platforms. In addition to this, another major benefit of Creator Studio is having the option to view all analytics in one place. This saves us having to jump from platform to platform to gather data and information. As a result of this, it is substantially easier to curate results reports as all the information needed is in one place and not just on the individual posts, on individual platforms.

We have also experienced a few negatives that we did not come across on other paid platforms such as Hootsuite. The first thing we have found frustrating is that in order to see up to date information, you must refresh the page as it will not automatically update. In addition to this, we have found that Creator Studio has had issues with duplicating copy - so it pays to double check all posts before they are scheduled.

Overall, we’re huge fans of Creator Studio. It’s easy to work around these small glitches so far, and we expect like any platform that it will get improved over time with exciting new features added. The biggest benefit for us is having everything in one central location, with the ability to schedule, post and analyze content all in one place - game changer.

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