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The reasons why you should go paperless with your business

There’s a reason that a lot of small businesses are choosing to go paperless.

There’s a reason that a lot of small businesses are choosing to go paperless.

I remember when I used to consult with a medium-sized child care, and one of the small offices was overrun with paperwork. Folders were crammed with yellowing paper. Whole cabinets and files were overflowing with now useless collections of paperwork.

It made the place feel cramped, messy, and worst of all, if you wanted to find something, you could spend half an hour looking for it.

Compare that to a cleanly organized folder on Onedrive or Dropbox.

Now, instead of having a whole cabinet, or even an entire room dedicated to paperwork, you can just have a few folders on your favourite cloud service.

Going paperless means that you can streamline your business, improve efficiency, and become more organized. You can do this without having to fundamentally change your values, your product or service, or your staff members.  

Let’s assume you want to go paperless, or that you at least want to reduce the amount of paperwork that takes up physical space in your business. What’s the best way to start? Let’s have a look.

  1. Use systems you already have in place, like email and cloud storage. It is likely that you are already using a lot of “paperless” services. You don’t necessarily have to buy a lot of new software or make too many alterations to what you are already doing. Just start using them to their full potential.
  2. For documents, scan them and keep them on a cloud storage and on an external device like a flash drive or a hard drive. This way you can keep all your old paperwork and still use the paperless model.
  3. Don’t expect the change to happen all at once. Going paperless is a process and a commitment, but in the end you will find that your business is more flexible and more efficient as a result.

That’s really it. If you see the benefits of going paperless, then start having a look at what can be changed in your business today.

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