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The true value of having a strong brand.

Ever wondered why some people are drawn to certain labels or brands?
Ever wondered why some people are drawn to certain labels or brands?

You may have a solid idea of what you have to offer. In fact, you may have already worked out what colour your business cards will be. But, have you thought about what you’re going to do to make people fall in love with your brand?

When it comes to creating your own, unique brand there is a lot involved. If we look at a major company like Apple, What is it you first think about? Is it the Apple logo? The iconic Apple that was designed by Rob Janoff back in 1977. Personally, I think about my relationship with Apple. I think about the glowing Apple logo and the loud mesmerizing ‘ding’ my MacBook Pro makes when it starts up. What I’m thinking of is an experience with Apple.

Now, these experiences are not by luck or chance. They have all been specifically designed by Apple, for us, the consumer. They have thought about the way their products influence our lives and the way we experience them. They tell a story that enables us to develop an emotional connection with their products. What I am talking about is their brand.

While the Apple logo is known across the globe as the tech giant that brought beauty to technology. It is still just that of a symbol. Their brand is what connects with us, makes us feel a certain way, even give us status. But, if we are honest with ourselves we know there are other products out there which are better and with a lower price tag… but it's not Apple.

Marketer Marc Gobe once said, "People's connections with brands transcend commerce,". There is a scary amount of truth behind this statement. A strong brand has become just as important as a religion in our society. How many people do you know only buy footwear with three stripes running across the side?

The Apple logo sells products, yes. But only because of the brand behind it.

Now take that thinking into your own business or company. What is it that represents you? How do you want your customers to connect with your brand? What do you want their experience to be? Taking the time to plan these thoughts out is essential to figuring out who you are as a brand.

Seth Godin said "Nike spent $250 to buy a swoosh. Probably a little more than they needed to. But the Nike brand, the sum total of what we think and believe and feel about what this company – is now worth billions."

Figuring out your brand and how people will experience it is hard. You need to start with a ‘why’. Why are you doing what you do? Once you understand that and can communicate your journey, your brand can start to take shape. Next, what do you want people to think and feel when they engage with your brand? How could you add some ‘surprise and delight’ extras onto that experience? These are the kind of questions I will ask if I develop your brand for you. If you read through some of my case studies, you will see that I have taken the time to get to know my clients, their story, and what they are setting out to achieve. It’s the only way to develop a brand that is truly genuine.

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