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Video - A Necessary Advertising Tool

Video in 2019 is currently the most powerful way to convey your message on the internet.

Video in 2019 is currently the most powerful way to convey your message on the internet. Consuming online video content has become part of our everyday existence, and yet we find so many brands are still not utilising video in promoting their services.

Video has almost become a necessity for business growth as social media platforms and search engines increasingly favour video with their elusive algorithms. If you’re not convinced, here are some interesting 2019 video marketing statistics for you to consider.


We get it though, the thought of starting your own YouTube channel or running a series of targeted Facebook video ads can seem like a daunting task! What if I stuff it up, what if I don’t get the lighting right, what if…?

One thing we love about new video creators is the very fact the videos are not a slick polished production. Many times the authenticity that those casual videos convey can be a powerful marketing message in itself.

Over the last 10 years the video production industry has seen a large shift. It used to be that only large companies with five to six figure marketing budgets could afford a big video production to be shown on TV. Nowadays anyone with a smartphone can use video to promote their product through social media. Think about it, a simple 15 second video post from a well known instagram influencer could be more effective in selling your product than a full scale commercial TV production. We think this is exciting because it lowers the barrier of entry for small to medium sized businesses to get started with video content.

If you have never used video to promote your product, how about trying something new today. Jump on instagram and film an instagram story advertisement, just you talking to the camera, and tell the world what your product can do for them. Go on, dare ya!

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