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What Is a Digital Agency?

Marketing agencies meeting the digital age.

Today, the majority of businesses have made their integration into digitally-led structures. However, the digital revolution is still new and we can’t expect everyone to be so well-acquainted with its virtual limbs. So to offer a more in-depth description here is an introduction to what a digital agency actually is.

More Power in Numbers

Traditionally, creatives would work separately from strategists, tech experts, tech experts. This is demonstrated by the many specialist agencies such as Web Design, SEO, PPC, Creative, Media, and so on. But for digital agencies, this divide isn’t the case.

Digital agencies have come to understand the power of collaboration and have opted to provide strategy, creative, and digital all under one roof. This means you can find the likes of talented digital strategists, photographers, SEO strategists, and website designers all working together and utilising cutting edge technology to deliver powerful solutions.

Convenient? Yes. However, more integral to their value, there is a quality found in work produced by a collaboration of specialists. So for businesses looking to get ahead in a competitive environment, choosing a digital agency is no longer a question.

Why Use a Digital Agency?

Picture everything you could need - but it’s all in one place. When choosing a digital agency you don’t need to source services elsewhere. Instead, you are gaining access to an extensive skillset, which means more opportunities for endless growth. Within them, you will find a multitude of professions that are held by highly experienced and dedicated individuals; from website developers to marketing specialists, programmers, and videographers.

Having a diversity of expertise that works in unison not only promises top-quality results but also enables a stronger ability to discover unique digital solutions. It’s no secret that individuality is vital for business development, and these agencies are masters in constructing powerful campaigns that create character and achieve success.

Choosing the Right Fit

With what seems like a never ending list of options, both good and bad, here are our top four tips to help you find your best fit:

  1. Get clear on your goals before searching for your ideal fit - t’s important that you take your time to consider what your business needs (the end result, not the in-between). Is it awareness? Conversions? Traffic? Leads?
  2. Discover what assistance is necessary for reaching your goal - for example, if you want to gain traffic, then you may need help with SEO. Or perhaps you need more awareness, in which case brand management and copywriting would be most useful.
  3. Research - research as many agencies as you can and explore your options.
  4. Ask the right questions - is the agency result-driven? Are they responsive? Do they care about their clients? What is their unique approach? Ultimately, you need to choose an agency that will help you reach your goals.

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