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What the hell is copy?!

What’s a copywriter? Why should I work with one? And what the hell is copy?

What’s a copywriter? Why should I work with one? And what the hell is copy?

These are questions we get on the regular, so we thought it was time to share a little insight into the wonderful world of copywriting…


Let’s kick things off by clearing up a very common misconception: copywriting has absolutely nothing to do with copyright (as in, the law that gives you ownership over the things you create).

At its most basic level, copy is written material. It’s the lingo (in this case, related to marketing, PR or advertising content) that makes you go ‘oooh’ and the stories that make you go ‘ahhh.’ It’s the vehicle for attracting the right audience to a particular brand through a clever combination of words and strategy.

So, what do copywriters do all day? Well, besides correcting grammar and drinking copious amounts of coffee, we produce content that educates, informs, persuades and inspires. Words are our tools, and we use them in a very careful way to convey messages, increase brand awareness and make an audience feel certain emotions or take certain actions.


Imagine you’re at an Apple-esque product launch, except there's a room full of people here to listen about your brand.

Who would you ask to present? Who would be your ‘Steve Jobs’? Although Sally from accounts can spin a good yarn over a morning cuppa, you probably don’t trust her standing in front of a crowd and talking about your brand, because that’s not her area of expertise.

It’s the same with copywriting – lots of people can write, but very few can write really well. And like we’ve said before, when it comes to competing in the digital space, first impressions count. While visuals, colours and beautiful logos help, your copy is crucial because words are what people remember, and they’re what drives your business to stand out above the rest.

Working with a professional copywriter is an investment, yes, but the potential return is huge – an experienced copywriter will nail your brand’s voice (regardless of what industry you’re in) and use it to write concise, engaging and compelling copy (remember, copy = words) that makes your audience think ‘wow, I need this brand in my life!’


Creating content that your audience falls in love with, and ultimately acts on (i.e. purchases your product or gives you a call), is not for the faint-hearted – but the good news is there are experts out there (like us!) who can help you out.

We’ve written all sorts of content on behalf of clients across a range of industries (from pharmaceutical and not-for-profit to beauty and travel), and we love nothing more than a good challenge!

This is how we roll:

1)      We have a casual chat over coffee (or Skype/phone) to discuss your brand, goals and budget.

2)      We plot and plan a strategy to get the job done (and present you with a quote).

3)      We get to work while you sit back, relax and wait for your shiny new pieces of content to be delivered.

Holler at us today!

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