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x3 Apps That Will Make Managing Your Social Media Easier

There have been several “ahh haa” moments for us, when we have discovered various apps which have now made our lives much easier!

There have been several “ahh haa” moments for us, when we have discovered various apps which have now made our lives much easier! We were managing over ten Instagram accounts and everyday we would constantly have alarms going off, reminding us to login and post to Instagram for a client. This not only created chaos, but confusion and room for error, which as an agency, we couldn’t afford.

That’s when we discovered PLANN. We are so excited to share the Plann app with you! Although it isn’t a free, this app is worth it’s weight in gold! For $19.99 NZD per month, it’s been a game changer for us. Plann is a visual planning app which allows you to schedule your Instagram content in advance. With a drag and drop function, you can have a play around with the look and feel of your page before you publish any posts. Once you are happy with how the post looks, you can crop, edit and filter it, before scheduling the post. At this stage, the posts don’t go live on their own, but you can preload the copy, hashtags and set an alarm for when you want it to go live. At that time, an alarm will go off, reminding you to copy and paste it to your Instagram page. If you have multiple accounts, you can prepare and schedule all of your posts in advance, freeing up your week to work on other areas of your business.

We also love TRELLO. If you haven’t heard of Trello yet - let us introduce you to your new business diary! Forget writing to do lists (which you always lose), Trello boards enable you to create checklists, client cards, reminders and more. You can organise and prioritise your projects in a fun, flexible and satisfying way. You will ace your time management skills, and you will never lose your to do list again! Trello is available as an app on mobile and mac.

Finally, we have one last secret tip to share with you. If you can’t always get access to your graphic designer, but you need to get something done quickly (and it is relatively simple), then you will love CANVA. Canva is a site where you can gain access to thousands of online templates which you can easily chop and change to make your own. Although it is not as polished as getting a graphic designer to do produce a body of work for you, it is a great help when you have an urgent post, invite or flyer to create!

Have fun exploring these apps! We hope that they make your day a little easier.

Rachel & Sarah-Jane xx

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