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Friends Of Friends Design

Graphic Design
Copy Writing
Social Media
Print Design
Friends Of Friends is a boutique design studio based in Auckland, founded by Lucy Kirkwood. Lucy brings a collective of designers and thinkers together who each bring a unique skill set to the table, depending on the project. We like to dream big, work smart and offer a seamless service to our client-friends. The key ingredient to our business recipe is working with like-minded businesses & individuals. We will be your biggest campaigners and care holistically about your brand or space. It is with curiosity, an open mind, a willingness to push boundaries & true ingenuity that we fine tune your brand or space into an exciting reality. Friends Of Friends Design offers a friendly service as well as thoughtful strategies to create damn good designs for your biz. We are not limited by location or business size. Wherever in the world you are, we would love to hear from you and chat about your project.


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