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Kelli Jane Creative


At Kelli Jane Creative we appreciate the importance of having eye catching images that ensure your content stands out amongst the crowd. We believe there is beauty within everything and sometimes you just need the right angle, and precise lighting in order to capture it.

Nature is a prime example of this. What may appear to be an ordinary leaf on a tree one minute, can suddenly transform into the perfect silhouette capturing the warm glow of a sunset. The simple leaf has now become the hero with a slightest change of its position. Because of this, we are certain a product, no matter how mundane, can be transformed and created into the hero through some detailed styling and correct use of lighting.

We work closely with their clients in order to capture the beauty and vision behind the product on show. Like nature, simplicity is a must to ensure the product is the hero. Clients can rest assured knowing their product will be exquisitely styled with the core belief of the product at the forefront. By earning the clients trust, they can relinquish their worries over how to market their product and let us create beautiful images to bring their product to life.

All you need to do is post us your products, sit back & relax while we style up a storm. We get to work on capturing some high res images and TA-DA! You have some gorgeous new pics to post on the gram!


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