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select nz

A CONVERSATION WITH SELECT. I'm Liam! I'm the guy behind the computers and cameras of Select design and photography. ‍ Oh, awesome! So you'll be doing the work for us. So tell me a little about you, what are you like? ‍ What a question! I guess I'd say I'm a tall, skinny guy with too much curiosity and a passion for new ideas and learning things. In fact, I'd say I'm pretty motivated about whatever task or idea I decide to throw myself into, and I take great pride in creating things to the highest quality possible. ‍ So, what would you say it's like working with select? Collaboration and communication are both pretty important aspects of any project, big and small. Being open about how things are being done, and creating a plan based on your needs is a top priority so that we can make something that we are both happy with. Selects design and photography services are competitively priced and free quotes are available, so I encourage everyone to reach out and see what I can do for you, even if you're not too sure. That sounds great. So, what is your creative process like? Well, with whatever sort of work I'm doing it always starts with a conversation. Whether we talk over coffee, on the phone or by email it's important to be on the same page regarding what work needs to be done, and what resources, if any, you as a client need to provide before work can begin. Once everybody is on the same page and has what they need, work can begin. I'll blend your ideas with my expertise to make something we can both be happy with. I'll be keeping you updated the whole time, and with larger projects, I encourage you to voice any feedback you might have so that we can both be on the same page and create something we can both appreciate. Excellent, that's exactly the sort of process we are looking for. One more question- do I need to pay everything upfront if we accept your quote? No, you don't. The conversation we have about the work and the quote is free of charge. If accepted, you pay 30% before the work begins, and 70% at the completion of the work. Sound fair? That sounds fair to me. Great. If you have any ideas to talk about or more questions, feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to help.


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