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Story Orchard

Video Production
Our Video Editing for Beginners Online Training is available for those who are time rich, but money poor. Get up to speed on video editing for free or affordable software, so that you can boost your brand storytelling with video. You just need a few hours and can do it at your own pace on your home computer, with the editing software that you have access to: * Adobe Premiere Rush * Apple iMovie * Microsoft Movie Maker The online training includes at least 75 minutes of training video content, 17 pages of summary notes and editing activities to practise. Head to our website for more information or check out even more sample videos on our YouTube channel Kylie May is the face behind Story Orchard and has been producing video content for nearly 10 years. She has worked in London, Brisbane and Tauranga completing jobs for clients such as Google and Jaguar. She also has a communication and eLearning background so understands the principles of storytelling.


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