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Tide Studio

Copy Writing

Language is often overlooked. After all, it’s just ‘words’, right?

Not quite…

Words matter, and language is powerful. You have the ability to make your reader feel happy, sad, curious, angry, proud, surprised, empathetic and every emotion in between. You also have the ability to persuade them into taking action.

But here’s the catch: your writing has to be good - damn good - and your message has to be clear so your customers will listen.

Here’s where I come in. I help businesses communicate clearly with their customers through strategic + creative copywriting.

I write words your customers want to read. Words that make them fall in love with your brand. I can:
1) Help you define ‘who’ your brand is (its voice, its values and its key messages), so you can connect with your customers on a deeper level.

2) Create powerful, persuasive and personality-driven content that’ll help you get more leads (and make more moolah)

3) Make the project as fun and easy as possible.

Let's do this dance!


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