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Vaughan Brookfield Photography

Video Production
Vaughan specializes in international location and lifestyle photography producing cinematic images for global publications, corporations and advertising campaigns. Based out of Queenstown, New Zealand he commenced his career photographing the action and lifestyle of winter snow athletes but lurking behind that dynamic helicopter, snowboarding and outdoor adventure shooter is a sensitive, conceptual, location photographer. Recent projects have been undertaken in New Zealand, Europe, Canada, Alaska, Afghanistan and Laos for a range of international clients. Experience in the publishing and marketing world as Photo Editor and Senior Photographer for Australasian publications informs his understanding of clients’ needs. The individual style of Vaughan’s photography reflects his youthful perspectives on humanity and appreciation of stunning natural environments. Camping and hiking trips with family and friends in the New Zealand wilderness while growing up inspired his love of adventure and appreciation of nature. His work exudes a strong, emotive beauty.


Recent Work