The London Celebrant

Brand Identity Design ~ Civil Celebrant, The London Celebrant
The London Celebrant needed to stand out amongst the pink haze (of the wedding world) yet remain neutral and appeal to all. The identity needed to be sensitive and highly flexible as Richard would be working across a wide range of ceremonies. Not just weddings but also funerals, and naming ceremonies. Ceremonies are an integral part of life, a signifier of shifting time and new pathways. This idea was held at the core of The London Celebrants brand identity design. Bringing to life the emotions, responses, and connectedness felt at these ceremonies was of the utmost importance. To achieve this a clean, editorial feel typographic style was paired with delicate, playful hand-drawn illustrations. This brought a sense of lightheartedness to the brand and aptly reflected Richard’s bright and bubbly personality. Bold, contemporary colours were carefully selected to retain a sense of neutrality throughout the visual system.
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