3-4 weeks

Every business needs to make its mark. Whether a minimal logo or a full brand structure and strategy, we provide the creative initiative to help you visualise the mark you want to make.

We use a bespoke process that guides you through your brand journey.

Initially, we ask questions and listen carefully to understand you and your audience as clearly as we can. We look to develop a shared language and goal.

The exploration then begins. We create viable design options with our sharpened understanding. Our desire is to draw out which ideas shine the brightest. Listening carefully to your feedback, we select the best route forward.

We explore the logo, colour, typography, imagery and application in detail. We pin down key messages and create clear next steps.

Once agreed, we formalise the outcome in a living document, your brand guidelines: a document that enables your brand to roll-out creatively and consistently.

Our process enables you to start your brand journey equipped with everything you need and a clear sense of direction.

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