Email Marketing
1-2 weeks

Sending cold emails can be disheartening, right? You’ve identified your dream clients, but when you finally craft your pitch and hit send, you’re met with nothing but radio silence…


But what about your database? These people have willingly handed over their personal details, so when you drop a doozy in their inbox, they should be clicking through to your website, right? Except they’re not. They’re not even opening their emails…

(*smacks palm of hand onto head repeatedly*)

Here’s a harsh reality: nothing makes people scramble for the ‘unsubscribe’ button faster than sleazy, squirmy, salesy emails. Emails that aren’t personalised or relevant. Emails that lack a consistent brand voice. Emails that give the reader absolutely no reason to want to open them, let alone action them.

But here’s another reality (a good one, this time!): email has the potential to be one of your best sales tools.

Imagine boosting your revenue every time you push ‘send’.

Imagine being seen as an expert source of valuable content.

Imagine your customers smiling when they see your name pop into their inbox, because they know they’re about to read something awesome/interesting/funny.

Now imagine achieving this without having to write any of the content yourself. That’s the beauty of outsourcing!

What's Included?

Any or all of the below:

E-newsletters (eDMs) –  whatever the frequency, let’s switch the focus of your regular emails from ‘hard sell’ to ‘nurture’ & present opportunities’. The results will speak for themselves.

Automated emails - you know, those emails when people opt into your newsletter… or purchase a product… or sign up to a course/event? Yes, you should have these!

Cold emails – it’s possible to connect with your dream clients via cold email, but it takes a lotta skill (lucky for you, it’s a skill I’ve been workin’ on for years!).

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