Marketing Strategy
3 weeks - 6 months

We bring the joy back into marketing by working alongside you; providing guidance, support, tips and tricks to make your marketing manageable. Together, we will nail down your strategic priorities and execute quick-fire goals to get your marketing and communications on track.

We’re talking bite-sized targeted goals and activities that are aligned to your priorities and customised for your specific situation. We help you define them, and we help you deliver them.

We also help establish sustainable systems and processes that enable you and your team to manage your activity going forward. We are here to help you get things humming, so that, in the long term, you won’t need us at all.


It's simple. We start with a chat.

Nothing too onerous. Just enough to know that we understand each other and want to get stuck in.

Next up is the good stuff: Planning. Together we’ll nut out your marketing priorities and develop a plan to get your business moving forward. There’s nothing cookie-cutter here. We will look at your unique situation — what’s working, what’s not — and set project goals that are laser-focused on your strategic objectives.

Throughout the process we are right here with you, providing guidance, support, tips and tricks so that you feel confident in your marketing going forward.

What's Included?

Phase 1: Kick-Start Workshop to identify marketing objectives and priorities

Phase 2: Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan

Phase 3: Monthly Marketing Stocktake & Progress Check-up

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