Killer content
2-3 weeks

Have you got a bunch of half-written client case studies sitting on your desk?

Does the thought of writing engaging Facebook or Instagram captions stress you out?

Are you completely stuck when it comes to content ideas?

We all know content is king, but continually pumping out compelling pieces of it can be tough.

As an expert storyteller, I’ve got your back with all things content marketing. Because guess what? If you can tell a good story, you can encourage someone to care about your brand.

Science backs up what we know to be true about stories – they’re a powerful way of connecting with other humans because they fire up a part of our brain that’s responsible for feelings of empathy. Stories organise information in such a way that humans are compelled to listen, which means storytelling has the potential to cut through the noise and earn the attention of your customers. And getting them to listen is half the battle, right?

I can help you produce content - backed by storytelling techniques - that positions you as a thought leader in your industry. Content that draws people into your sales funnel, without the hard sell. Content that people genuinely want to read.

What's Included?

Thorough research, writing, editing & proofing of content such as:

Thought leadership articles
Social content strategy and captions (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)
Individual & company bios
Case studies
Brand and promo video scripts

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